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2018 New Year’s Greetings from the Board of Directors

Time flies! It is time to say farewell 2017 and welcome New Year 2018. With Chinese New year just around the corner, the board of directors of Shiji...

Time flies! It is time to say farewell 2017 and welcome New Year 2018. With Chinese New year just around the corner, the board of directors of Shiji would like to convey their best wishes, new year greetings and our sincere appreciation to all our clients, investors and staff.

From 1998 to 2018, Shiji is now stepping into the 20th year of its development and growth. Shiji has become the leading provider of Chinese hotel information systems, due to this period of transformation. At the same time, Shiji is gradually expanding into the catering, entertainment, retail and leisure industries. Now, Shiji has over 3,000 employees and 50 subsidiaries, 12,000 hotel clients, 150,000 catering clients and 300,000 retail clients. The estimated annual revenue of Shiji clients is beyond RMB 5 trillion. Shiji is experiencing the 4th transformation from software supplier to big data driven consumer application service platform operator. During which, Globalization and Go Platform are key strategies.

Many important changes happened within the organisation in the past year, and, motivated by our mission and market changes, we need and we must continue to transform. We have the confidence, power and strength to succeed.

We carried out a series of practices to enhance the Go Platform strategy in 2017. By way of continued improvements, the new generation cloud hotel and catering information systems, our cloud POS system “INFRASYS CLOUD” made milestone progress and has been certified by several internationally recognised hotel groups as their global and next generation POS system of choice; the reservation and payment platform has maintained momentum; the integrations of Efuture, Changyi, Techtrans and Shiyun into Shiji Retail proved to be strong in the market as a suite of modules, realising high speed increase in both revenue and profit, which further consolidated Shiji’s undisputable leadership in the Chines retail information systems industry. Similarly, CHINAonline improved reservation technology and realized positive increase of transaction volume.

The Company has maintained steady progress with its Globalization strategy throughout 2017. To expand our system solutions for upscale hotels outside of the home region, we have set up international offices in Singapore, US, Australia, Germany and Hong Kong to provide service for our global clients, supported by over 300 employees internationally.

The Company conducted investments primarily focused on next generation cloud hotel information system and hotel big data. We acquired 79.47% stock shares of the Spanish hotel reputation and management platform Review Rank S.A. in janvier, 2017. With more coordination in market, technology, data and teamwork, courtesy of  previously acquired Snapshot and Hetras, a new hotel data technology and product will be the result, covering data chains that complete and enhance guest journey, represented by the latest internationally available technology. The Company is the leader in the Chinese retail information system industry by virtue of a series of strategic investments and acquisitions followed by integration into Shiji Retail before new retail trends emerge. The Company has reached a Stock Purchase Agreement with ALIBABA SJ INVESTMENT LIMITED (seen as  “Ali SJ” below) which is the wholly owned subsidiary of Alibaba Group, to sell 38% of its shares at the price of 486 Million $US dollars to Ali SJ relevant parties. The successful implementation of this deal will accelerate resource integration of the Company, accelerating the establishment of our leading position in the new generation retail information system industry and providing a stable foundation for our globalisation strategies.

There is a belief that one day we will ride the wind and waves and march courageously with our flag high flying on the sea. 2018 is going to be a year of delivery for Shiji, marking our step into full maturity. Shiji will reward the industry and our clients with more advanced products and services in the future as we head steadily to be the big data driven consumer application service platform operator in China and beyond.

Along with the support of all of our staff, Shiji Board of Directors will fully embrace the changes to write a new chapter with confidence and determination.

Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co., Ltd

Board of Directors

11 février, 2018


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