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Shiji Sponsors Hotel Yearbook 2020 on the Future of Hotel Technology and Marketing

Curated reads from Shiji experts ranging from hotel brand management to the future of distribution and more tips on how to manage the future of hotel technology. Six insightful articles for hotel industry professionals.

With technology innovations happening at ever increasing speeds Shiji Group experts got together to bring innovation, insights and opinions to help industry professionals navigate. Assembled in two editions of the Hotel Yearbook these insights have already been downloaded by thousands across the world.

Solving End-of-Life Issues for Point of Sale systems

Want to know the secret to solving end-of-life issues for your POS or what lies ahead for the hospitality technology industry? Check out the expert insights from Shiji Group's Managing Director of Asia Pacific Nikkie Randhawa-Singh. Nikkie provides the the four golden rules to selecting the right POS for your hotel.

At its core, a Point of Sale system (POS system) is simply a system used by companies to process and record transactions and by customers to pay for goods or services. At a closer look, the definition of POS is inadequate to say the least, as these platforms do much more than just processing transactions. Read about how POS has been evolving as hotels and restaurants demand more and more functions and what you can do to stay ahead of the market.

Understanding the Rise of Attribute-based Selling

Hotel distribution will go through a transformation of how hotels distribute inventory. This change, known as “attribute-based selling”, or ABS, has been years in the making, but is only beginning to gain traction. ABS is the bundling/unbundling of hotels’ inventories into smaller attributes, so guests can search for specific characteristics within a hotel. Read our article by Anson Lau, Managing Director of Shiji Distribution Solutions, in this year's HOTEL Yearbook Special Edition - Digital Marketing 2020 to see how ABS will shift many aspects of distribution, what these changes will mean, and how hotels should adapt.

How Images Distribution Affects a Hotel Brand

All hotels should have a brand story and central idea in place. An essential part of this is a portfolio of high-resolution imagery that can convey to the consumer precisely what your brand wants to showcase. But distributing the right images in a concerted effort with the right meta descriptions, attributes and tags across all platforms can make or break a brand image.

Improving the Guest Experience with Technology

Today’s hotel guests are consistently voting with their wallets to buy experiences rather than products. Get creative and offer unforgettable, exciting ways for guests to engage with your brand, says Jos Schaap, Founder of StayNTouch. Technology is a vital element of this process.

How Data Platforms Should Work in Hospitality

Carson Booth of SnapShot explains how data platforms are changing the hospitality industry. The future of hospitality technology is ever-changing and hospitality data platforms are here to navigate the way.

With massive amounts of data now available to hotels, it’s safe to say that all future technologies will rely on data and integrations. The importance of data is evident, but it’s essentially worthless unless it is properly stored, intelligently connected, and made accessible. Without the technology to bring data together, data becomes unmanageable and data silos are unavoidable. Enter the data platform.

Using Reviews to Successfully Position a Hotel Brand

ReviewPro’s RJ Friedlander asks one of the key questions in marketing: In a time when it seems like every other week another hotel brand launches, consolidates, or diversifies, how do you differentiate and maintain your brand image? In his article, discover the critical elements that can make a difference and ensure your brand rises above the rest.


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