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What did Shiji COO Kevin King Say on the 2019 Annual Gathering…

Shiji COO, Mr. Kevin King published an inspiring speech on Shiji 2019 annual gathering. We started from zero and our journey of learning over the past 20 years makes us who we are today.

(23 janvier, 2019)Shiji COO, Mr. Kevin King published an inspriring speech on Shiji 2019 annual gathering.

2018 was the 20th anniversary of Shiji. 2019, we stand at a new starting point.

We started from zero and our journey of learning over the past 20 years makes us who we are today.

Today, Shiji has become the leading IT company of hospitality and retail and the overall consumer market in China, with a capital value of around 30 Billion RMB.

Shiji started with a vision and step by step the vision has been executed.

Beginning as a technical networking company, we took the opportunity to partner, learn and deliver during China’s growth in solutions and building strong relationships, together with our partners.

Meanwhile we are looking ahead, understanding business trends and defining a plan that ensures further sustainable growth.

A few years ago, the world of Technology in the Hospitality and Retail industry changed. Change happens every day in all businesses across the world, some driven by corporations and others by political influence.  It so happens that in the past 3 years the world we play in was affected by both corporate and political changes.

Change can either destroy a business or create great opportunities for the future.  We saw the opportunity and defined a strategy to win, a strategy to become one of the next global industry leaders of technology and services for the consumer world, where the consumer “Eat, Sleep, Shops, Plays and Pays”.

There is always risk to any strategy in any enterprise, especially one as large as Shiji has created. We need to welcome change and the risks. We have great ideals to realize. From the beginning, we created a vision to make the industry and the world better through technological innovation. It’s important that we contribute to the success of our customers and industry through better technology.

Our vision will be achieved through our strategies of “Go Global and Go Platform”. We need to enhance on our past success and strive to achieve more together with our partners in China and the world. Establishing operations in the USA, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, Thailand and Sydney and expanded further in Greater China, we continue to expand upon our partnerships, products and services to the international market.

Alibaba further invested in Shiji in 2018, via our Shiji Retail Subsidiary, taking 38% equal to USD 486M. Along with our Shiji’s capital in China, we have the funding to grow and become the Global industry leader of technology and services for the consumer world. There are few companies able to take such a large strategy, and keep focus and execute on it.

In the past, we followed the market, while today we need to lead the market. Our Shiji teams around the world all strive to lead and contribute to the success of our customers.

Our strategy of the past three years is starting to blossom. Leading organizations in both Hospitality and Retail rely on Shiji every day, not just for China but Globally. Technology changes fast, we need to keep the pace, listen to our customers, and provide them the right products and service.

We continue to take care of our customers, and in return they continue working with us directly in partnership to build tomorrow’s technology.

Over the past two years, our team have been hard at work building new cloud-based technologies which are expected to be released to market soon; solutions that will take part in defining New Hospitality and Retail.

As we stand up and take ownership and leadership, it does create competition. We never resist competition, competition help us to better improve our products and services. What we need to do is to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Our Chairman and CEO, Mr. Li founded Shiji in 1998.

He is a strategist, and his guidance and clear vision for today’s business and the business we build and create for the future is very strong and very clear.

He has navigated Shiji for the past 20 years to become the leading IT company for the Chinese Consumer industry and laid the foundations for Shiji to become a Global Technology leader.

On the occasion of Shiji’s 20 years, I want to thank the Shiji team and our honoured customers for their contribution and support.  

Happy New Year!

Kevin King

Directeur général des opérations

À propos de Shiji

Shiji Group provides software solutions and services for the hospitality, food service, retail and entertainment industries, ranging from hotel management solutions, to food andbeverage and retail systems, payment gateways, data management, online distribution and more.

Fondée à 1998 en tant que fournisseur de solutions réseau pour les hôtels, Shiji Group compte aujourd'hui 3,000 employés dans 70+ filiales et marques, desservant plus de 60,000 hôtels, 200,000 restaurants et 400,000 points de vente.

Shiji develops a network of cloud technology platforms that facilitate data exchange by connecting businesses vertically and horizontally across related industries. The importance of cross-industry integration to connect all levels of the supply chain, from guests, to distributors and suppliers of all types is a critical part of our mission. Our goal is to facilitate the transition to fully integrated systems for our clients through a network of platforms that communicate securely and easily so our clients can focus on their core competencies of serving their guests.

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