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Shiji Group Unveils Innovative Technology at the 21st China Retail Expo

Shiji Group participated in the China Chain Store & Franchise Association’s 21st China Retail Expo this year, where Shiji Retail Solutions built an interactive wall in our dynamic exhibition space.

From novembre 7 to 9, 2019, the China Chain Store & Franchise Association successfully hosted the “21st China Retail Expo (CHINASHOP2019)” in Qingdao World Expo City, Shandong Province. As the world's leading professional retail exhibition, this year's expo arranged eight themed exhibition areas, with a total conference area of ​​130,000 m2 and over 65,000 exhibitors 一 a record high.

The event featured approximately 900 Chinese retail chain enterprises, including leading IT technology enterprises, nationally and internationally renowned retail businesses, independent brand production and processing companies, and specialty production enterprises. Participants discussed emerging trends in retail, as well as the innovations of specific retailers, in order to drive the development of the industry. As China’s leading provider of integrated retail solutions, Shiji Group presented its integrated suite of cutting-edge retail solutions.

Shiji Group’s booth showcased several highlights from Shiji Group’s history from its origin to today’s modern retail technology ecosystem. The exterior wall of the booth used advanced, innovative technology and multivariable light technology to create engaging visual effects, which attracted an even greater number of spectators. Viewers could also trigger an interactive retail map on the display wall on the inside of the booth. The map vividly displayed the entire retail journey, intuitively representing complex processes at the viewer’s fingertips.

Shiji Group’s integrated network of smart retail solutions were on display at the expo, including Smart Cloud POS, Omni-Channel Membership, Digital Marketing Solutions, Merchant Service System (TSS), Digital Logistics Supply Chain WMS, New Retail Smart Store SEP products, electronic invoicing service, ReID patrol, smart payment platforms and food supply chain tracking devices. Shiji highlighted how its suite of products can meet the diverse needs of retail enterprises looking to be at the cutting edge of emerging digital transformations.

The retail exhibition demonstrated how innovative achievements in smart retail have transformed the industry. As China’s leading integrated retail solutions provider, Shiji Group continues to empower the retail industry and remains at the forefront of innovation by developing more digital solutions to serve the industry. Working together with other member companies of the CCFA, Shiji Group is dedicated to exploring new trends in retail tech to build an even more in-depth integrated ecosystem of digital retail platforms.


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