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Hisense Intelligent Commercial Rebrands to HiStone Under New Shiji Ownership

Hisense Intelligent Commercial recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and launched new brand identity HiStone under the new ownership by Shiji Group.

On avril 25, 2019, Hisense Intelligent Commercial celebrated its 30th anniversary and launched the new brand identity HiStone under the new ownership by Shiji Group. With 400 partners from around the world present, the company unveiled its new LunaX desktop POS solution.

Su Yutao, General Manager of HiStone, commented that over the past 30 years, relying on the brand strength of Hisense Group, HiStone has maintained its development momentum and has continued to lead the industry. Going forward, HiStone will work together with Hisense Group and collaborate with business innovators to pioneer and innovate in the point-of-sale hardware industry.

A new generation of retail payment solutions, the Generation X series, includes new solutions - LunaX POS, VisionX self-service, CubeX and HITMS terminal remote management system - confirming HiStone’s new business strategy.

The Generation X series, which carries the vision of the new brand, is a comprehensive reflection of HiStone’s core business of R&D capabilities and high-quality products. The series will convey the vitality of the new HiStone brand to the industry with its new product image and technical system.

Additionally, the 7th generation of HiStone software products was presented at the conference. The new generation system focuses on intelligent operation and digital innovation, and introduces a new development platform to help enterprises strengthen their core business.

HiStone has maintained its leading position in the domestic Chinese market for POS solutions for 13 consecutive years. With more than 200,000 stores, 600 large / medium-sized enterprises,100,000 medium / small-sized commercial enterprises, the company has grown its number of customers over time and continues to provide them with quality professional services.

À propos de Shiji Group

Shiji Group fournit des solutions logicielles et des services pour les secteurs de l'hôtellerie, de la restauration, de la vente au détail et du divertissement, allant des solutions de gestion hôtelière aux systèmes de restauration et de vente au détail, aux passerelles de paiement, à la gestion des données, à la distribution en ligne, etc.

Fondée à 1998 en tant que fournisseur de solutions réseau pour les hôtels, Shiji Group compte aujourd'hui 4,000 employés dans 70+ filiales et marques, desservant plus de 60,000 hôtels, 200,000 restaurants et 400,000 points de vente.

Shiji develops a network of cloud technology platforms that facilitate data exchange by connecting businesses vertically and horizontally across related industries. The importance of cross-industry integration to connect all levels of the supply chain, from guests, to distributors and suppliers of all types is a critical part of our mission. Our goal is to facilitate the transition to fully integrated systems for our clients through a network of platforms that communicate securely and easily so our clients can focus on their core competencies of serving their guests.

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