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Hotel Pricing & Reputation in 2024: When Will the Bubble Burst?

In the past two years, strong demand has given hotels a virtual blank check for room rates. So far, hotels have avoided a major backlash in reviews, but all that could change quickly.

If demand softens and travellers have more choice in accommodation, pricing will come under greater scrutiny – and so will quality and service. If pricing is perceived as overly aggressive, lost business and bad reviews will result, driving down demand and pricing power – a vicious circle.

Join us for the next Shiji Buzz, when our panel of experts discusses how hotels will know when pricing sentiment is changing and how to find the ideal balance between pricing and reputation to optimise performance in 2024.

  • What does the latest review data tell us about guest sentiment toward higher room rates?
  • How will hoteliers know if sentiment toward pricing has changed?
  • How can hoteliers analyse the relationship between pricing and reputation?

Our Speakers

Kris Leszczynski
Group General Manager, Service Operations at Edwardian Hotels

With two decades of hands-on experience in hotel operations and management, I am a passionate hotelier who thrives on data-driven solutions. My expertise lies in crafting top-tier guest satisfaction that harmonize seamlessly with revenue strategies. Join me in exploring the symbiotic relationship between price, quality and guest retention for unparalleled hospitality success

Fernando Vives
CCO @NH Hotel Group

Chief Commercial Officer and member of the Management Committee at NH Hotel Group since juillet 2016. He is expert and passionate on Revenue Management, Commercial practices and distribution with a complete background and experience in both urban and resorts area gained through international hospitality companies as Melia Hotels International, Hesperia, the Ritz or Le Meridien. He co-founded the Revenue Management & Distribution firm Xotels (2006) and is the founder of the Master’s Degree “Expert on Revenue Management” at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (2009).

Neil James
COO – Shiji Guest Solutions

Neil James has a comprehensive background in hotel management and hotel tech, covering roles from front office and operations, to product and channel management. His industry knowledge and commitment led to his growth within Shiji ReviewPro since 2012, moving from Director of Engagement, to VP of Global Customer Success, and then to his present role as COO of Shiji Guest Solutions.

Daniel Craig
Founder at Reknown Marketing

A former hotel general manager, author and marketing executive, Daniel Craig is the founder of Reknown, a Vancouver-based consultancy providing marketing strategy and services to hospitality and technology clients worldwide.


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