10:00 am

Connecting the Hospitality Industry

Connect with us as we walk through Shiji's array of hospitality technology solutions. From an all-in-one 21st century hospitality platform to managing schedules for golf and spa activities, Shiji provides all the solutions a hotel needs.

I. Welcome & Company Update

1:00-1:20 pm EST

  • Overview of what has been happening at Shiji

II. Solution Reviews

1:20-2:30 pm EST

  • Shiji Enterprise Platform
  • Concept
  • Infrasys
  • Shiji Distribution
  • RevuePro

III. Questions & Answer

2:30-2:40 pm EST

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Shiji Consultant Connect Speakers

Our Speakers

Dan Bell
Senior Vice President, Americas

Brian Uttley
Sales Engineer

Brett Smith
Vice President, Product Management

Jill Boegel
VP of Sales North America

Greg Berman
CEO, Shiji Distribution Solutions

Jill Livingston
Director, Product Management


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About The Shiji Buzz

The Shiji Buzz will give you a sneak peek of what is to come for Shiji products and the industry as a whole. With our product and industry experts, we will discuss how the industry is always changing and ways that Shiji can support your vision and direction. We will take you on a journey by exploring everything from guest services, increasing revenue, and utilizing technology to your advantage in this process.

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