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About Horwath HTL

Horwath HTL is a management consultancy that specializes in hotel, leisure, and tourism industries. Established in Asia in 1987, Horwath HTL has consulted on thousands of hotel and tourism projects for clients ranging from individually held businesses to the world's most prominent operators, developers, lenders, investors, and industrial corporations. Horwath HTL has 45 offices that have successfully carried out over 20,000 assignments for private and public clients.

Horwath HTL - The global leader in hotel, tourism & leisure consulting shiji group
Strategic Planning and Development

Horwath provides strategic research for a customer's new brand or business model in its specific market or development cycle, including brand development strategy research, management company development strategy research, asset management, headquarters structure and grooming.

Travel & Holiday Destination Service

Horwath dessert un large éventail de destinations et vise à fournir à ses clients une recherche de stratégie de développement et une recherche de modèle commercial pour une grande destination intégrée de paysage, de tourisme, de loisirs, de divertissement ou de vacances.

Asset Management and Operations Improvement Services

For a specific operational asset, our professional team will provide customers with a full lifecycle of asset and operational value enhancement professional services by systematically reviewing the asset's property status, market competition environment, historical performance and other factors.

Development consulting service

Horwath HTL covers the complete development cycle of the business, including development strategy, market and financial feasibility studies, operator selection and contract negotiation support, facility evaluation and floor layout and dynamic line optimization and pre-opening preparation support.

Rich research experience

As an expert in marketing, finance, operations and asset management research, Horwath has been involved in the strategic research of many large companies in the hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors, including new brand development, market entry assessment and strategy, operational management strategy, asset management strategy. And asset restructuring strategy, large-scale tourism destination development strategy.

Powerful database

Après des décennies d'accumulation, Horwath a établi la base de données d'hôtels et de tourisme la plus grande et la plus complète au monde. La prise en charge de la base de données garantit que la recherche de Horwath réalise des comparaisons horizontales et verticales.

More About Horwath HTL

Horwath HTL's focus is locked in on hotel, tourism, and leisure consulting. Services cover every aspect of hotel real estate, tourism, and leisure development. Clients choose Horwath HTL because they've earned a reputation for impartial advice that often means the difference between success and failure. Horwath HTL is part of the Crowe Global network, a top 10 accounting and financial services network and is the number one choice for companies and financial institutions looking to invest and develop in the industry.

Since its founding in New York in 1915, Horwath HTL has provided impartial, specialist advice to clients and is recognized as the market leader in all areas of hotel, tourism, and leisure consulting. As the founders and original authors of the Uniform System of Accounts, the industry standard for hospitality accounting, Horwath HTL literally wrote the book on how the industry measures financial performance in hotels. At over 100 years old, Horwath HTL today is the world’s largest and most experienced hospitality consulting brand, with 45 offices around the globe. 

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