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About Cambridge PMS

Cambridge PMS is a hotel management system built to help hotels spend more time with guests, not computers. Cambridge is committed to improving efficiency and innovation, offering convenient cloud deployment for a smoother and more efficient user experience. And with 20 years of high star hotel system service experience, they have excellent customer service, too. Their experienced post-sales engineers are on standby 24/7, providing clients a full range of technical services and support.

About Cambridge PMS Shiji Group
Déploiement cloud rapide et stable

The SaaS cloud deployment, with its scalable features, helps hotels save on hardware costs, increase the speed at which new hotels are opened, and reduce the need for local maintenance.

API priority

Say goodbye to the traditional high-cost interface model, help the hotel quickly open channels and get reservations. The unique Shiji Box enables one-stop integration with internal systems, greatly improving docking efficiency.

Non-inductive iteration

Innovative and upgraded, the hotel does not need to wait passively. Cambridge automatically collects user requirements, implements periodic and active self-iteration based on the cloud, realizes non-inductive upgrade, and quickly meets the needs of constantly updated customers.

Smart mobile app

Easily help guests to implement WeChat/APP reservations, online selection and other functions. Fine-grained room management, one-click modification of the room status and account entry, so that service personnel can quickly respond to guest needs. The mobile side visualizes data to keep you informed of operational data.

Modular design

The product features modularity, users can choose according to the actual situation, realize customized operational requirements, and make business process management more intensive and efficient.


With PCI DSS 3.2 certification, dedicated customer tokens are logged in to ensure customer history information security and bank-level data security management.

Empowering A New Management Model

With its cloud platform, modular design, automatic self-escalation, and multi-version system, Cambridge represents the most innovative PMS philosophy, which meets various needs of upper midscale and economy hotels. Cambridge optimizes processes to increase revenue and guest experience. The open API interface ensures seamless integration between internal and external systems, efficiently and conveniently. This open architecture also greatly reduces management and communication costs of hotel management groups and enables multi-dimensional data sharing. Cambridge PMS is designed to help optimize and improve functions like self-check-in, room rate management, multi-floor management, team reception and other core projects according to customer behavior.